Dr. Zahid ul Arefin Choudury

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Faculty of Social Sciences
Email: zahid.choudhury@du.ac.bd
Phone: 880-2-9661900/6741
Book (3)
1 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury Mapping Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), 1997-2013. Dhaka: Adarsha Books, 2017 .

2 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury Women in readymade garment industry: Understanding Capabilities and Vulnerabilities of Female Garment Workers in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Bangladesh Mahila Parishad and the University Press Limited, 2016 .

3 Zahid ul Arefin Choudury Politics of natural disaster: how governments maintain legitimacy in the wake of major disasters, 1990-2010. University of Iowa: Iowa Research, 2013 .
Journal Article (7)
1 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury : Identity Competition in New Democracies: Which Identity Wins in What Condition?, Bangladesh Institute of Strategic Studies (BISS) , Journal, 2015 .

2 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury and A.K.M. Abdur Rahman (eds) : Terrorist strategies and counterterrorism in South Asian democracies, Bangladesh in International Peacebuilding, Bangladesh Institute of Strategic Studies IBIISS), Japan foundation, and Pathak Samabesh, Bangladesh: Dhaka , 2018 .

3 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury, Steffen Jensen and Tobias Kelly : Counting torture: Towards the translation of robust, useful and inclusive human rights indicators, Nordic Journal of Human Rights , vol.36, 2 , pp.pp. 132-150 , 2018 .

4 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury and Jahidul Islam : Inside terrorism: Organizational evolution and strategic successes of Islamic State, Social Science Review: Dhaka University Studies, Part-D , vol.Vol. 34(2) , pp.pp. 63-89 , 2017 .

5 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury : Poverty and violence in Korail slum, Dhaka, , 2016 .

6 Zahid ul Arefin Coudhury and Chowdhury, A. H. and S. Zaman, In Jan Ole Haagensen, ane-Grethe Madsen and Finn Rasmussen (eds.) : Designing Counseling Support Service in the Victim’s Association in Bangladesh, Counseling to Psycho-Social Development, Praxis Paper Series (2), Copenhagen, Denmark:Research Centre for Torture Victims , 2015 .

7 Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury : Politics of Natural Disasters: Modeling Presidential Response Time to Natural Disasters in the United States, 1960-2005, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Hum.) , vol.59, No. 1 , pp.pp. 181-209 , 2014 .