Department of Political Science

Department of Economics and Politics was one of the few departments with which Dhaka University began its journey in 1921. In 1938 economics and political science became two independent departments. Debendra Nath Banerjee was the first Head of the department of the Political Science, who later founded the Political Science Department of Kolkata University. Since its inception the department provided academic leadership which had a formidable influence in the political firmament and policy discourses of the country. Professor Abdur Razzak and outstanding scholar of political science department was invited as representative of the then East Pakistan to frame the constitution of the country. The language martyr Abul Barkat was a student of political science. The teachers of the department played a formidable role in 1966 movement of provincial autonomy, particularly in framing the theory of two economy and also in 1969 movement. Since independence the department has produced two vice chancellors (Professor Muzaffar Ahmed Choudhury and Professor Emajuddin Ahmed) of Dhaka University and two Vice Chancellors of National University (Professor Aftab Ahmad and Professor Harun-or-Rashid). Faculty members have served as a chair and member of University Grants Commission and Public Service Commission (Professor Muzaffar Ahmed Choudhury, Professor Mostofa Choudry and Professor Hasanuzzaman Choudhury). Professor Sardar Fazlul Karim, Professor Talukdar Maniruzzaman were bestowed the honour of National Professor. Professor Nazma Choudhury served as the advisor in the first caretaker government. Professor Rounaq Jahan contributed in United Nations’ women in development discourse. Professor Tasneem Siddiqui had the honour of drafting the Overseas Employment and Migration Policy, 2006 and National Strategy on Internal Displacement, 2021 of the government of Bangladesh.

Every year the department produces 200 undergraduates and post graduates. So far it has awarded 53 Ph.D and 163 M.Phil Degrees. Departmental teachers have published a good number of research based books, text books and hundreds of journal articles. It regularly publishes the journal of Bangladesh Political Science Review (BPSR) at